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Embroidery, or rather painting with a needle and thread, has kept me busy for years. During a ski vacation I broke my leg and thankfully my Mom had brought stamped cross stitch kits with her. I was 9 years old at the time.

I have continued to stitch many more projects. I made it a challenge to get the back of my work to look like the front. I worked hard and I think the results speak for themselves.

I thought that everybody embroidered the same as I and was surprised to find out that that was certainly not true. In 1996 I started working for the Quiltnaald (Quiltneedle) in Brielle, the Netherlands. They were adding a cross stitch section to the store and I was hired to help out. Shortly afterwards I was asked to do demonstrations of my cross stitch. The demo’s were such a hit that I started teaching.

Because I was working in a quilting store, my first designs are the four seasons, based on quilt patterns. During my time at the Quiltnaald I also came in contact with Hardanger embroidery. Using this Norwegian technique my designing took off. I was hooked! I was able to travel to Norway and the Hardanger region. The Hardanger embroidery virus was in my blood.

Hopefully I can help you enjoy my hobby of embroidery. It is a hobby that continues to fascinate, stays trendy and therefore is always fascinating. I am lucky that I was able to take a course in White Embroidery at the Royal School of Needlework in London. The classes were held in Hampton Court Palace with a view over the stunning gardens. We didn’t really have time to enjoy the gardens, we were there to work. For 2 days I was able to learn a lot and had fun with the other ladies. It was an experience that I would love to repeat.

In 2011 I participated in an event held by the Pilgrim Stitchers in Winchester UK. We started to stitch the Cassandra Austen sampler in the Jane Austen house in Chawton. We also visited a few museums in the area and were able to see lots of antique samplers. Another event I would love to repeat.

I try to keep informed, in order to inform others. Embroidery is diverse and so much is done in private that sharing is essential. Therefore I am a member of the following guilds:

Merkwaardig, the Dutch sampler guild

The Sampler Guild of the UK

Embroidery Guild of America

ASWS-a service for professionals of the creative branch

If you have any questions about a certain guild I would be happy to answer any questions you might have.