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Valuation is a process to determine how much an object is worth. This is normal practice when it comes to property (houses) but also for collector item’s. A valuation is necessary if the object is sold or insured.

Knowing the value of the object is essential if you plan to sell the item on the internet or if the item is part of an inheritance or divorce. No one wants to be cheated or short changed.

Tammy’s Treasures can valuate your antique sampler or needlework. A lot of people have no idea that an old heirloom could be worth any money. Tammy can give you insight into the sampler, explaining some of the symbols and also put a price on the object.

In order to valuate correctly it is necessary that Tammy see the object and not just look at pictures. If you would like to make an appointment send an email to: info@tammystreasures.nl.